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Artistic Creations

Since childhood I have created my own designs through different mediums. I have cultivated extensive experience in Beadwork and Model Building, including Scratch Builds.  I have my parents to thank for the encouragement and creative spark. I dedicate all my work to the memory of my soulmate, Jeff, who also shared  with me the artistic touch. His support and encouragement is eternal.

Lapis Lazuli Nugget Bracelet

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I take each project to heart. Each design is created with care and dedication to detail. I prefer to focus on commiting to the artistic vision than mass producing my work. For my jewelry I use a lot of Semi-Precious stone, Freshwater Pearl, Sterling Silver and Gold-Filled elements.  Please be advised that all products on this site are not meant for children,.

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. If you have questions about my work , or shipping, get in touch. I have a Facebook page & I'm on Instagram too. Have a fantastic day!

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In Memory Of Jeff Schouten

You are missed, but the love remains with those who were lucky enough to know you. My soul mate, no better ever existed.  I'll see you again one day.